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The story of the church in the walks

St John’s was founded in 1846, as The Church for the poor...

History of the King's Lynn church

St John’s was founded in 1846, as The Church for the poor.

John Motteux, the owner of Sandringham was staying nearby and visited St Nicholas church. He sat down in a pew and was asked to move, because his seat was rented by a church member.

Determined that a church should be available to all, Motteux commissioned the building of a church where the seats would be free. He worked with the best architects to build what is now St

John’s: a beautiful, inclusive church, open to all.

As a church we are very proud of this history, and we have recently been reconnecting with it more closely. We are discovering how God is still calling us today to connect with those who may be excluded in various ways. This is an exciting journey, and one which we pray is shaping us in many ways.

Rear of the church building
Historical drawing of St John's

Vision for the Future

In a recent vision day, the Bible came up highly in what we value. We seek to grow in our faith through getting to know the Bible better, wrestling with it, listening to teaching and reading God's word at home. As a church called to the marginalised and excluded, one of our passions is finding ways to study the Bible, which are accessible to a wider group of people.

Another strong theme was 'welcome'. Many people describe St John's as like a family. Our desire is to grow more and more welcoming, to those who God may be calling us to work and live alongside.

We do not have all the answers, but we are committed to growing in these areas, noticing where God is at work, and following Him!


St. John's is a friendly Anglican church in the Walks, King's Lynn, Norfolk. 
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