Helen at The Food Bank


Love Thy Neighbour

Interview #1 Helen Gilbert at the Kings Lynn Foodbank

We love our community. Being at the heart of King's Lynn means we are within walking distance of so many amazing charities, businesses and people who working tirelessly to make Lynn a brilliant place to live. We decided to start a series on our socials, highlighting some of these people and their work, to signpost what they're up to and how you can get involved with them.

So we're asking everyone two questions: 1. what are you up to, and 2. what do you love about King's Lynn?

"The foodbank has been here since 2011. Over the coming months we are expecting to see the use of the foodbank increase quite rapidly.

We always increase over the winter months, as people have to heat and light their homes far more than they do over the summer months. But the £20 uplift to Universal Credit is ending at the end of September, along with the furlough scheme...energy bills have been capped during the pandemic and that cap is being released in the next few weeks. So all of those things combined may well hit families very hard as we go into winter.

So the biggest thing we are in need of at the moment are funds for our energy bank. People that come in that are struggling with their fuel costs during the winter (electricity, gas, oil), we can help them out. We have a small fund but it is depleting very quickly at the moment and it will continue to do during the winter."

"I love the generosity of the King's Lynn people. I have lived all over the country, and the people of King's Lynn are by far the most generous!"


St. John's is a friendly Anglican church in the Walks, King's Lynn, Norfolk. 
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