Explore and Learn at St John's Church Kings Lynn

At St John's we offer ways to explore faith and learn through involvement. We provide many ways for people to become actively involved in the work of the church, whether during Sunday worship or through the week.

As Christians we are constantly learning: exploring our faith and our relationship with God, and also our relationships with each other.At St John's we provide the means for everyone to develop their faith, at a pace that is comfortable to them, whether you have been part of the church for years or just getting to know us.

On this page you will find testimonials from members of our church family; frequently asked questions that can help explore your understanding of your own faith and relationship with God, and so much more. Above all we hope that you will see within these pages part of your own journey - why not come and share it with us?

Explore faith journeys, read personal reflections of church and read our most frequently asked questions.

"I wandered into my local church with a lot of questions, and what I discovered blew my mind. Above all, I learned that God loved me unconditionally.

He loved me, a selfish hedonistic poisoner with no moral compass, so much that 2000 years ago, he knew I'd be coming, and he knew the heathen I'd be, the mistakes I'd make, the thoughts I'd have and he sent his son to die, just so I could be forgiven." - Tris Jackson's Faith Journey

History of St John's

"Welcome to St John's, the church in the Walks and known as the poor man's church. Consecrated in 1846, it was the first Anglican church to be erected in King's Lynn since the Reformation. It was founded by a wealthy merchant and local landowner, designed by an eminent architect for ..."

Church of England

Church of England, part of the Anglican Worldwide Communion

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Diocese of Norwich

St John's Church is part of the Diocese of Norwich

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The Alpha Course

Find our more about Christianity - contact us for more information.

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